Finding the Right Wedding Caterer Can Make or Break Your Big Night

Finding the Right Wedding Caterer Can Make or Break Your Big Night

Posted on June 27th, 2017
by admin

Your wedding day is among the most magical events of a lifetime. There is no doubt that you want it to go off without a hitch. This can lead to a lot of stress as you work to try and smooth out every possible wrinkle beforehand. Two of the biggest questions for most couples are what kinds of food will we offer, and where will we get it? Here in Melbourne, Florida, there are plenty of caterers willing to go the extra mile to make sure that your night goes off without a hitch. With so many options, finding the right one can be a daunting task.

Tips for Getting the Caterer of Your Dreams

If you are looking for that perfect company to provide tantalizing treats for your special day, there are some general rules you should try and abide to. In the end, they will all come together as you work your magic with different companies to create a checklist of must-have’s and your perfect company will stand out among the others. First of all, be sure to determine your budget and headcount before you begin your search. It will make it so much easier talking with different professionals to figure out what you can and can’t get for your buck. This makes it easier for the caterers to give more realistic options without you needing to sort through countless menus you can’t afford, but wish you could, leaving you put out or upset. This leaves just one less thing to stress about!

Ask your venue! If you already have a venue picked out, find out if they have had any caterers over the years that truly stood out or that they see frequently. Their suggestions may provide you a chance to find a company you wouldn’t have noticed or considered before. This could be great information to have at your disposal. However, you have no obligation to work with the vendors that they suggest. In fact, you are encouraged to get proposals from multiple companies to compare. This means you have the chance to pick and choose exactly what you want to see. Your expectations should be pretty high and minimally flexible. Be sure that you have a head count before getting the proposals. Knowing how many people they need to serve makes a huge impact on what they can and cannot offer you.

Work closely with both your venue and your catering company. For example, while your venue may not offer chairs, tables, or the dinnerware and linens, your catering company just might. Be sure to find one that suits your needs best because every event is highly unique. Pay attention, when reaching out to a caterer, to how they treat you along with their reviews. While their food may be excellent, you don’t want rude or inconsiderate staff throwing your night off. Don’t be afraid to decline a proposition if the company is rude to its clientele or does not seem to care much about what you need.

Several companies will not allow you to do a tasting until after the contract is signed, which can be intimidating if you haven’t had their food. There are a few ways you can get around this. You can see if there are any public events they are catering to locally to try, or you can offer to pay a small fee for a mini tasting of three to five dishes. If they insist, then be sure to add a clause into the contract giving you the right to completely dissolve the contract if the tasting does not hold up to your standards.