Understanding On and Off-Site Options for Your Catered Event

Understanding On and Off-Site Options for Your Catered Event

Posted on February 16th, 2018
by admin

All across Brevard County, there is always some affair taking place. Whether that is a birthday party or a wedding, there is bound to be food. Many people hire out catering companies so that they can focus on other projects. There are different styles of catering, though, and understanding what you are getting into is a must. There are two main styles of catering: on-site catering, or off-site catering, which is also sometimes referred to as off-premises or outside catering. There is a distinct difference, so when getting your venue, be sure you know what you want to do.

On-Site Catering

On-site catering is an extremely convenient way to prepare the meals for your guests no matter the size of your gathering. These caterers work based out of the same building as your venue, meaning that you can book it all at once. This means that you have a “full-service” hall that will take care of everything, start to finish, and you do not need to focus your time or energy exclusively on either. It also means that the caterers and venue management will not run into any problems because they work together. However, just because a venue may offer this as an option, that does not mean you have to take it. If you love the venue but do not feel so strongly about the food, do not worry! You have more options.

Off-Site Catering

Off-site catering is straightforward as well and involves bringing in an outside vendor to bring delicious food to your next get-together. Even if your venue has an attached catering business, should you decide not to use it, you can still bring in your own hired company. These companies tend to be more flexible, adaptable, and affordable than their counterparts (generally speaking, of course). These are a great option if your venue either does not offer catering at all or you want to go a cheaper route. Venues can be relatively cheap, if you look for them in the right places. If you are good at budgeting, you may be able to get a great venue and an equally great food vendor for significantly less than you would buying it all at once through an on-site catering company.

Both options have their merits. Discuss with your venue management what they can offer you, and be sure to compare both options. You are always encouraged to get proposals from multiple companies.