Best Time of Year for Work or Office Cookout

Best Time of Year for Work or Office Cookout

Posted on February 22nd, 2019
by admin

The weather in Melbourne Florida and surrounding areas this time of years is perfect. There is little rain and the high temperatures are in the mid to high 70’s. The sun is shining. What better time to host a party for your hard-working staff and employees?

You can remove the hardest logistic from such an event by hiring a local caterer. There are two ways to go about this which we will explain below:

  1. You can place an order with a local caterer then pick it up. You can have your employees set up the tables and manage food service. But that means these employees won’t get to enjoy the eating and socializing that is often great for company morale. That leads us to option 2.
  2. Full service catering is the more expensive, but well worth it, option. You hire a company to bring in the food, set it up and serve it. What can be better? And they take care of the worst part: cleanup.

If you have a large property with good shading and seating, this is probably where you should have your company cookout/company picnic. But there are other options. You can rent a building provided by the city or local businesses. You can also apply for a permit at a local park. Wickham Park in Eau Gallie is the perfect location. Many BBQ‘s and cookouts have taken place here. The wide open spaces and abundance of parking make it ideal.

So plan your cookout today. Pick a date, location and pick a caterer. Usually a 3 week period of time is sufficient to pull everything off without a hitch.