Locations to Get Married in Brevard County FL

Locations to Get Married in Brevard County FL

Posted on September 25th, 2019
by admin

Brevard County Florida is a popular location to get married. The county is lined with beaches and has lakes and rivers as well. There are some beautiful woods areas at which people also enjoy getting married.

In this article we will list some unusual places that people use as their marriage locations in Brevard County, Florida. A church or beach wedding are your standard. These obviously are not.

Kennedy Space Center

Yep! People get married at KSC. The center in known as the home to NASA and the U.S. Space program and is loaded with cool technology and great artifacts. The center can be used as a location for your wedding and details can be found here

Brevard Zoo

Animals are very dear to many people. And is there a better place for two animals lovers to get married than the zoo? Possibly not. The Brevard Zoo offers a beautiful natural backdrop for those looking to tie the knot. For more details click here

Up the Creek Farms

For those looking to get married in a rural location complete with country style and scenic Spanish moss, look no further than Up the Creek Farms. Check out more info here

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