Florida Weddings in December and January

Florida Weddings in December and January

Posted on November 30th, 2019
by admin

Winter weddings in the northern states aren’t very common. I mean they happen, but most people choose to have their wedding when it is not cold.

Good news for Floridians or visitors looking to get married, its warm all year! Well, there are a few cold snap, but for the most part it stays above 70 degrees during daylight hours.

For those of you looking to travel to Melbourne FL to have your beach wedding, here are some reassuring reasons why a wedding in December – January is perfect.

  • Humidity is way down. The warm sun is still shining down but the humidity and bugs have largely subsided.
  • Rates are cheaper at hotels. This is technically the offseason so rates come down to attract visitors.
  • Christmas Wedding. You can have a Christmas wedding and people will not freeze their buns off.
  • The winds are less strong in the winter months. Thermal air keeps the winds whipping in the summer and fall. Winter is when the winds die down.
  • No rainy season. The amount of expected rain is way down in December – January.

Well, we hope this little article helped show why Melbourne, FL is the perfect spot for a December or January wedding. You can use our site to choose your caterer.