Cater Your Baby Shower or Gender Reveal Party

Cater Your Baby Shower or Gender Reveal Party

Posted on November 12th, 2020
by admin

Having a new addition to the family is an exciting thing. Many people want the experience to be memorable and want to celebrate it with their friends or family. Having a baby shower and/or a gender reveal party is a great way to celebrate this and include everyone you care about.

Catering these events can always help alleviate the stress. When someone handles all the food prep, presentation and clean-up, it can really feel like a heavy weight lifted off your shoulders.

Here are some great ideas for types of food you can have catered:

Finger Food

By offering one or two bite finger foods you can make it simple for people to get food in their belly while at the same time not having to have a formal meal. They can pick and choose as the event unfolds.

Large Variety

If you offer three or more different types of food, chances are each one of your guests will like at least one. People can be picky and when you only offer one type of food this can shorten the life and happiness of your party.

All Over the Place

Don’t have just one area where food is laid out. This can cause a bottleneck or crowding. Try to have two or three areas where food is displayed. It will keep the crowd moving around and mingling.


Having a baby shower or gender reveal party can be a great experience if planned properly. Get a professional caterer to help you plan yours.