Catering Events During Covid

Catering Events During Covid

Posted on July 22nd, 2020
by admin

There are still events happening around Brevard County even though the corona virus pandemic has ravaged the United States. People are just being more attentive to washing hands and they are wearing masks now.

When planning an event which needs to be catered, plenty of thought should go into the spacing of such an event. There should be at least 6 feet of space between each person. So, for a ballroom that usually fits up to 500, you want to keep attendance down below 100 people. 50 People or under would be ideal.

Make sure that people know it is OK not to hug and kiss other people as a show of affection. We would all love to be affectionate right now but until the virus is under control, we need to be careful.

Between meals and drinks, it is recommended that people wear their masks. Ask people to take their own temperature before leaving the house to attend your event. If they are running a fever of any kind, they need to stay home.

When booking your caterer, make sure that they know you expect them to be wearing masks and gloves at all times. You should probably choose seated service as well. Buffet service is not recommended during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Many experts believe there will be a vaccine by this time next year. So, it should be everyone’s mission to not get sick between now and then.