Planning Around Severe Weather

Planning Around Severe Weather

Posted on September 5th, 2019
by admin

One thing people in this area of the country like to do is outdoor weddings. We live on a beautiful beach and the weather is warm 95% of the year. One drawback of living in a semitropical environment is that there are a lot of rain storms. Weather forecasts these days are good but when you are planning your wedding months in advance, they are useless.

Here are a few tips for those of you planning a beach/outdoor wedding:

  1. Plan for a Saturday – The weekend is when a majority of people have off. If your beach wedding is rained out on Saturday, then you may be able to try again Sunday.
  2. Select an Indoor Backup Location – Many times people will have their wedding indoors if the weekend is rained out. Many times they will choose an indoor location for the reception. They just move the proceedings to that location.
  3. Avoid Rainy and Hurricane Season – You can schedule your outdoor wedding for the non-rainy and non-hurricane season. This will greatly increase your odds of not getting rained out. According to the best months to plan your wedding in order to avoid inclement weather are November -February and the month of April. There is a rain spike in March.

You can start watching the weather reports ten days out from your wedding to get an idea of what is going to happen. The closer the date gets, the more accurate those weather reports become.

You can take some of the stress of these events off of your shoulders by hiring a professional catering service.