Weddings During Corona Virus

Weddings During Corona Virus

Posted on May 16th, 2020
by admin

Love doesn’t take a break for anything. That include coronavirus. Although the social-distancing policies of this pandemic have kept people from having a traditional beach wedding with all the fixins’, people are still getting married.

Earlier this month, The Washington Post published an article about weddings still taking place in Florida. The article featured a couple that planned on getting married in a lavish ordeal with 100 guests on St. Pete Beach. Instead, they ended up getting married in a parking lot. The service was performed by an Alachua County clerk.

If you must be married now and cannot wait much longer there are creative ways like the one mentioned above. But, if you can wait a little while, you will probably see things returning to normal by fall. And fall time in Florida is a beautiful time to get married.

In some areas, people are able to get married from their vehicles. They can pull right up and have the official say the right words and have the couple agree to marry one another.

“Florida allows couples to marry anywhere once they obtain a marriage license in the state. The license costs between $61 for couples who attend a premarital counseling session and $86 for those who don’t. A civil ceremony at the courthouse costs $30.”

image from Washington Post