Wedding Season Expecting to Return to Normal in 2021

Wedding Season Expecting to Return to Normal in 2021

Posted on February 2nd, 2021
by admin

With the vaccines being administered in the United States and a full 300 million of them expecting to be distributed by summertime, the outlook for 2021’s wedding season is good.

Last year we saw a record low as far as wedding numbers were concerned and local restaurants reported record low catering events. This is no surprise to anyone.

By the time April rolls around there are expected to be many les new cases of Covid and therefore wedding numbers should increase dramatically. It is a good idea to start booking your venue now if you are planning to get married this spring or summer.

Having a caterer manage the food at your wedding is a great way to reduce the stress of you and your family. You can usually get it all taken care of for just a few thousand bucks. You can take a look at the featured caterers at our site and decide if any of them is right for you.