Spring Wedding Ideas

Spring Wedding Ideas

Posted on February 5th, 2020
by admin

Spring time in Florida comes earlier than most of the rest of the continental United States of America. For this reason, people have their spring themed weddings starting in late February.

We have put together this blog to throw some ideas out there for young couples looking to mix it up and add something different to their wedding.

  1. Spring Decor – First off, making sure that the wedding has plenty of flowers is essential. Yes, everyone will probably be warm because it is Florida, but the natural foliage turns a little brown in Brevard County in winter. Its a good idea to have fresh flowers and plants for your photo shoots. See local florists
  2. Food – For Spring time weddings people want to eat lighter. The winter is coming to an end and its time to lose the extra winter weight. Your guests would love if you put together veggie options and fruit bowls.
  3. Drinks – The fruit goes for the drinks as well. For kids, a light all-natural fruit punch. For the adults, mixed drinks with fruity themes.
  4. Ice cream and/or candy bar. Having a make-it-yourself sundae bar is a good idea for dessert. People can take whatever portion is good for them and there isn’t much waste or labor cost.

Make sure to contact your chosen caterer months out. Most places need at least a few weeks to make sure the inventory can handle your event.